In the present world of key words, hash tags and global market trademarks may be the major assets of your business. Securing your trademark rights should be a priority task when entering a new market or even long before that.

Getting protection of your trademark in Russia is especially important due to the brutality of the young Russian market, developing and changing legal practices and increasing ever competition. Almost 60 000 trademark applications were filed in the year 2011.

Key facts about trademark protection in Russia:

  • Trademark requires registration to be protected;
  • Words, images, 3D shapes, sounds, animations are allowed;
  • Trade, service, collective and well known marks are recognized;
  • Madrid Agreement and Protocol applications are welcome;
  • Protection can be renewed each 10 years.

Our firm offers a full range of trademark related services. We carry out trademark searches and other third party rights clearance, filing and prosecution of trademark applications, oppositions and cancellation actions, trademark renewals, recording of trademark transfers and licenses, recording trademarks with Customs Registers of Russia and Eurasian Economic Union, protecting your trademark rights in courts.

Advantages of working with us on your trademark matters:

  • Trademark Attorneys with years of experience;
  • Personal touch even to the most ordinary trademark work;
  • Unlimited business hours, 24/7 type attention;
  • Law firm type approach to trademark work;
  • Flexibility on fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Usually, about 10-12 months.

Are multiclass applications allowed?

Yes, you can list all 45 classes in one application.

What are the non-use provisions?

Trademark can be cancelled if not used for 3 consecutive years.