Due to length and costs of patent and trademark registration procedures it is advisable to conduct a search before filing an application. It also makes sense to check whether your using a mark or a technology infringes somebody's prior rights.

The importance of searches and IP monitoring is underestimated by the Russian market. Specialized searching and monitoring are not promoted enough by local service providers and few Russian companies understand the worth of making searches prior to marketing of a mark or a product.

Key facts about searches in Russia:

  • Russian PTO does not offer free online search tools.
  • Online trademark search is available for registered marks only.
  • Trademark application search should be ordered from PTO.
  • Official fees depend on urgency of the search.
  • Patent searches can be done using international databases.

Our firm understands the importance of thorough and timely searches, using the best searching options and tools available. We have established a direct electronic communication system with the Russian PTO which allows us to order searches and receive results in the shortest time possible. We do word and image searches for trademarks, including recently filed trademark applications. Our searches may also target patents, copyright, company names, trade names, domain names, names of mass media, drug's names etc.

Advantages of our searching services:

  • Variety of search options as to time, depth and purpose;
  • Ability to provide some searches in 24 hours or even on the same day;
  • Comprehensive search reports and post-search support;
  • All searches are the team work with experienced attorneys in charge;
  • Minimizing official fees when possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could you provide search results without your analysis, for lower fee?

We strongly recommend that you order our analysis because raw search results may look very confusing.

Is it possible to submit your search results to examiner?

No, the Russian PTO conducts its own search for each new application.

Is it possible to search by name of the applicant?

Yes, subject to some restrictions.