Domain names

Internet is spreading non-stop. Millions of websites are there to offer services, goods and information. Domain name system helps internet users to navigate through the World Wide Web and to remember websites they liked. Reflecting a trademark in the domain name is the most common way to choose a name for the site.

Russian internet has not avoided the problem of cybersquatting, typosquatting and other abuses of domain name system. It is advisable to secure your domain names in Russia as soon as possible to avoid spending time and money on the legal actions.

Key facts about domain names in Russia:

  • Popular national TLDs are .RU, .SU and COM.RU;
  • Many independent registrars are operating;
  • Almost 4 000 000 domain names in .RU;
  • Cyrillic domain names may be registered in .РФ;
  • No UDRP-like procedure is available.

As a law firm we specialize in protecting IP rights against infringements by unauthorized domain name registrations. We are able to register domain names in all domain name zones available in Russia. We conduct domain name searchers, negotiations with domain name owners, facilitate domain name transfers and, of course, we litigate against cybersquatters and other infringers.

Advantages of working with us on domain name matters:

  • Partnership agreements with Russian Registrars;
  • Unique legal experience and expertise in the field;
  • Understanding technical issues of the system;
  • Urgent notarization of infringing website contents;
  • Experience in handling UDRP cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have simplified domain name disputes policies?

No, you have to negotiate with the infringer or bring the case to the court.

is it necessary to have local presence to own a domain name in .RU?

Foreign persons register domain names without restrictions.

Are domain names checked against registered trademarks?

Domain names are registered on first come - first served basis.