Dmitry Makarov

Trademark Attorney, Partner

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Languages: Russian, English


Practice areas

IP Litigation
IP Transactions
Trademark and Copyright matters

Professional experience

Dmitry Makarov is a partner and co-founder of the law firm “Ivanov, Makarov & Partners”. He started his career as a lawyer in a major Russian IP Firm. In 2006, he became a trademark attorney. Dmitry specializes in contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters. He advises on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property in particularly trademarks, copyright, patents, design rights, confidential information and trade secrets. Dmitry has an extensive experience in legal aspects related to transactions and due diligence of  intellectual property. Regularly presents different IP topics at seminars and conferences. He is a member of the Licensing Executive Society Russia.



The State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow) - Master of Law, 2003


November 2006 - Qualification as a Trademark attorney

Notable Representations

USG Interiors, Inc. vs. Novoimport LLC (case no. 09AP-6153/2009-GK). Represented Plaintiff in trademark action relating to building materials. Case resulted in favor of Plaintiff (2009).

Shanghai Silk Group Co. Ltd vs. Chamber of Patent Disputes, third party Vanity Fair, Inc. (case no. Дело А40-66635/07-67-555). Supported decision of Chamber of Patent Disputes on invalidation of Plaintiff’s trademark on behalf of Third Party. Case resulted in decision favorable for Third Party (2009).

Compagnie Generalie des Etablissements Michelin vs. Ajaks LLC
. (case no. А49-6220/2007-279/28). Represented Plaintiff in trademark action relating to grey import. Case resulted in favor of Plaintiff (2008-2009).

Toyota Motor Corporation vs. Gemini Limited
(case no. А40-27546/04-110-228). Represented Plaintiff in trademark action relating to RU domain name. Case resulted in favor of Plaintiff (2008).


"Divided courts fail to see grey imports as a black-and-white issue", Brands in the Boardroom (May 2010)

The article explains dramatic changes in the Russian court practice in respect of parallel import of branded goods, which was long and still is an important issue for trademark protection in Russia. The changes were caused by the ruling of the High Arbitration Court in Porsche Cayenne case in the year of 2009.


“Law regulation and IP protection system in Russia"
delivered at the First International Business Forum on Russian Hi-Tech and Innovations “Russia – Canada – 2008”
Toronto, October 23, 2008

“Disposal of IP rights, alienation, licensing, franchising and pledge”
delivered at the 5th IP Annual Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”
St. Petersburg, August 22, 2008

“Deals related to intellectual property (following the changes established by Part IV of the Russian Civil Code)”

delivered at the 6th IP Annual Seminar “Strategy of intellectual property protection for successful development of the company”
Moscow, April 18, 2008

“Legal protection of IP rights in a company innovative activity”
delivered at the IP Conference  held by the Ministry of economic development of Kaluga Region
Kaluga, December 6, 2007

“Legal aspects of licensing and franchising”
Delivered at IP Seminar “Legal protection and enforcement of trade and service marks in the Russian Federation”
Samara, October 18, 2007

“Infringement and Punishment: hard choice”
delivered at the 4th IP Annual Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”
Kiev, August 24, 2007

“Current practice of licensing of different types of intellectual property”

delivered at the Seminar “Problems and practice of market promotion of different types of intellectual property”
Moscow, June 14, 2007

“Transfer of IP rights”
delivered at the Conference held by Kaluga Center of Scientific and Technical Information and the regional Ministry of Economic Development.
Kaluga, November 30, 2006

Trademark Squatting in Russia”
delivered at 3rd Annual IP Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of IP rights in Russia”
St. Petersburg, August 28, 2006

“Difficulties in registration of license and franchise agreements with the Russian PTO”

delivered at the seminar “Problems and practice of realization of IP license agreements In Russia” organized by LES Russia.
Moscow, June 16, 2006